Introduction to Audiobook Creation with Audio Creation Exchange (ACX)

The following presentation, Introduction to Audiobook Creation with Audio Creation Exchange (ACX), was produced by me with the help of Beizo Tierno, the narrator/ producer of the Apparitions audiobook.

Apparitions audiobook

The presentation came about after I co-hosted a live event on Facebook as part of the inaugural Indie Author Day on Saturday, October 8, 2016.  Then, one of the questions I answered related to the processes involved in producing her aforementioned audiobook, Apparitions.

While comprehensive, my reply was brief, because of the nature of the event, so after mentioning it to Beizo, the idea for this in depth walk-through of the process quickly took shape.  As you’ll see, both Apparitions and Perfect Timing feature, as does my debut title, Serendipity, which is currently only available in ebook format.

The presentation itself is long, but very in depth, so grab a beverage of your choice and settle to watch it.  If you do get to the end, and would like a FREE copy of the Apparitions audiobook, please leave a comment on the post and I’ll get one out to you.

Free Apparitions Audiobook

Please leave a comment and I’ll email you a code for your free audiobook

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